How to Save Money by Buying Refurbished Headsets

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Whether they are for business or personal use, headsets for phones are now one of the most popular communication peripherals on the market. Company bosses are keen to maximise the productivity of their staff, and headsets make dealing with phone calls while performing other essential tasks relatively easy. Headsets also allow people to listen to music, take phone calls while driving, or free both hands for a variety of domestic chores. Headsets can be expensive, however, so consumers will be best served by shopping around for bargains, and refurbished headsets for phones could represent a huge opportunity to save money. Most refurbished headsets have previously been bought and returned to the manufacturer or retailer because of a fault. The headset is repaired, and it is then offered for sale at a reduced price. There are several types of refurbished headset on the market at the moment, and selecting which one is best for the job requires that the consumer knows exactly what each type is capable of.

What Are the Main Types of Headset for Phones?

There are three basic aspects of refurbished headset to consider, and they will all have a profound effect on the user’s experience. The basic appearance of refurbished headsets should be unblemished, and retailers have an obligation to warn consumers of any visible damage before a purchase is made. Depending on environmental factors and practical considerations, each type of headset will perform very differently.

Noise-Cancelling or Voice Tube Headsets

Voice tube headsets deliver the clearest sound quality available. Unfortunately, they must be replaced at least once a year. Noise-cancelling headsets will reduce background noise to a minimum, but the overall sound quality they produce is inferior; however, they will not need to be replaced so often. Refurbished noise-cancelling headsets will deliver considerable savings, and because they do not need to be replaced so often, they are the most cost-effective option for large firms.

Dual or Single Ear Headsets

Deciding which of these systems to purchase depends heavily on the environment in which they will be used. Single ear headsets will allow users to take calls while continuing dialogue with colleagues; they also allow people to listen for traffic while talking on the street. A dual-ear headset is ideal for people who work in busy and noisy environments. However, refurbished single ear headsets are lighter and less cumbersome – excellent for people who need to stay relatively mobile.

Wired or Wireless

The obvious benefit of a wireless headset is the ability to move around freely. In an office environment, that will allow workers to stay connected while liaising with other departments on a face to face basis. As wireless headsets are often the most expensive, buying a refurbished wireless system will often deliver significant discounts. Firms who need to purchase several headsets will often save significant amounts of money by buying refurbished wired headsets, and the sound quality will usually be slightly better – essential in call centres.

What Are the Basic Refurbished Headset Designs Available?


Bluetooth headsets offer consumers a versatile and simple solution to hands-free calling. They can be paired with mobile devices in a matter of seconds, and they are often designed to simply hook onto one ear. No wires are required, and that makes them ideal for small offices and for talking while driving. However, other wireless devices in the immediate vicinity can sometimes interfere with a connection, and that can affect the sound quality.

Complete Earpiece Sets

Complete earpiece sets are ideal for people who need high-quality sound on the move or in dynamic environments such as construction sites and nightclubs. They usually include a radio transmitter and a dual-earpiece design. They come with noise-cancelling technology, and that makes them ideal for use during sporting activity such as skiing.

Ear-Bud Headsets

Ear-bud headsets are the simplest design available, and they perform an admirable service for average domestic users. They are connected to a phone via a 3.5mm jack, and some have volume and playback controls for listening to music or accepting incoming calls. Most new mobile phones come with an ear-bud headset included.

Boom Mics

Boom microphones can be wireless or wired, and they are ideal for people working in call centre environments. The headset is mounted onto an ear, the head, or around the neck, and a swiveling earpiece allows it to be mounted on either ear. The mic is located at the end of a boom that can be adjusted to fit the individual.

What Makes Refurbished Bluetooth Headsets Ideal for Most People?

Bluetooth headsets are compact, lightweight, and easy to install. However, they are rarely suited to noisy offices. Although they allow free movement, connections can drop off when used in proximity with other wireless devices, and there can also be issues surrounding volume. However, those using Bluetooth headsets in small offices, at home, or in the car can expect to receive some excellent benefits. Refurbished Bluetooth headsets have often had charging problems in the past, so this facility should be checked beforehand or as soon as the headset has been purchased.


Most smart phones will be able to automatically connect with a Bluetooth headset. Certain devices will allow up to seven individual connections at the same time, and the ability to communicate with a phone that is up to ten metres away means a device can be used across a wide walking space.


Most Bluetooth headsets are designed to simply clip onto one ear, and that makes them incredibly comfortable. Some devices will be fitted with a small boom that carries the microphone closer to the mouth. Phone calls can be accepted by the pressing of a small button on the side of the device, so the connected phone can remain in situ at all times.

Music Playback

A stereo Bluetooth headset will receive streaming music from a phone, computer, or gaming console. If it is connected to a phone, the music will automatically stop in order that the user can take the call.


Bluetooth headsets are extremely versatile, and they can be connected to a wide range of devices with Bluetooth connectivity. Users can listen to music from laptops or tablet computers, and some speech-recognition software is compatible with Bluetooth headsets. It may also be possible to connect a headset to a car stereo system.

How to Buy Refurbished Headsets on eBay

There are literally thousands of used and refurbished headsets on the eBay website, and a user-friendly search facility allows consumers to shop around for the best price possible. Results can be ordered in terms of price, giving people the simplest way possible of deciding which refurbished headset represents the most cost-effective purchase. The easiest and quickest way to get a search started is to use the text-entry box near the top of the homepage. Typing in a search term will deliver a number of results instantly. However, this function could deliver a number of irrelevant items. A far more accurate way of searching for headsets on eBay is by using the category-based search facility. This type of search should always begin with the clicking of the All Categories link near the top of the homepage; doing so will reveal a drop-down menu including all of eBay’s main shopping categories. The Mobile Phones & Communication link should be selected, followed by the Search icon. The page will reload and a new list of sub-categories will appear on the left of the screen; selecting the Mobile Phone & Communication link will cause the page to reload once again. From the subsequent list of sub-categories, the Headsets link should be clicked. The user will then be able to browse the thousands of headsets available. However, clicking the Manufacturer refurbished


Headsets can be expensive items of equipment, and that cost can be huge to a business that requires several headsets for a full team of staff. However, opting for refurbished headsets can deliver some excellent discounts. Extra care should be taken when purchasing headsets refurbished by the seller. Buyers should seek guarantees that these items are in full working order, and photographs or demonstrations should be sought wherever possible. Headsets refurbished by the manufacturer often provide consumers with peace of mind in the form of legal guarantees or warranties, something that will protect an investment against faults and ensure the device delivers many hours of high-quality performance.

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